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Robust cybersecurity designed to meet U.S. Partner Nation needs

Our adversaries target U.S. Partner Nation networks to weaken our alliance and undermine our democracies. Velos Solutions works with Partner Nations to secure their IT infrastructure and protect themselves from cyberattacks. Velos is a leading provider of commercial, best-in-class cybersecurity solutions. We work closely with our Partner Nations to create robust systems that protect the security of alliance networks.

We deliver four types of solutions that Partner Nations rely on to create and sustain robust cyber capabilities.


Assessment using U.S. NIST cybersecurity standards, guidelines and best practices


Guidance through acquisition and funding; we drive the resource process by aligning foreign aid and Partner Nation resources through security assistance and security cooperation funding programs


Design and deployment of technology and assistance with long-term sustainment


Innovative cyber training, education and simulation solutions


Developing resilient, sustainable cybersecurity capability with U.S. Foreign Military Sales and Financing

Navigating the relationship between the U.S. and our Partner Nations can be challenging. At Velos Solutions, we follow a proven process to ensure the needs of both parties are met. This includes everything from identifying funding sources to creating long-term, sustainable lifecycles from which Partner Nations can benefit.


  • Discovery of infrastructure, networks and endpoints

  • Determine cyber impact on organization/institution

  • Define the initial baseline and develop an approach to solve vulnerabilities

  • Build a plan for future security


  • Identify appropriate U.S. Government funding/grant aid resources

  • Create Foreign Military Sales/Foreign Military Financing (FMS/FMF) case support with the necessary documentation

  • Expedite capability acquisition through contract funding and execution


  • Deploy enhanced cybersecurity solutions into production

  • Improve the strategic plan of Partner Nations to transform cyber posture, enterprise applications, infrastructure and resilience


  • Identify Operations and Maintenence (O&M) requirements

  • Deploy innovative capabilities as they become available

  • Reassess and align funding requirements for future capabilities

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