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Cybersecurity for U.S. Partner Nations

Cybersecurity solutions that are proven, effective and sustainable.

Velos Solutions is a leading provider of commercial, best-in-class cybersecurity solutions for U.S. Partner Nations.

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What we do

Designing and Deploying Cybersecurity Solutions. Leveraging Partner Nation Funding.

Technology Architecture and Integration
Partner Nation Funding

Velos Solutions makes it easy for Partner Nations and agencies to navigate the funding process for cybersecurity technology.

  • Security Assistance Funding (INCLE, PKO-GPOI, USAID, CRIF)

  • Security Cooperation Funding (Section 333 BPC, MSI)

How We Do It

We make it easy for Partner Nations and agencies to navigate the funding process for cybersecurity technology.

Velos Solutions is experienced in helping Partner Nations and agencies navigate the U.S Government funding process and improve their cybersecurity posture.

Phase 1
Setting the Requirements

Assessment of your cybersecurity needs and identification of the right cybersecurity technologies solutions to best evolve your capabilities. Velos partners with best-in-class, commercially available technology providers—many of which are used by the U.S. Government today.

Phase 2
U.S. Government Funding Review

Identify appropriate U.S. Government funding/grand aid sources to support technology requirements. Once identified, Velos will build the FMS/FMF case support with the necessary documentation to best position your funding approval needs. Velos works closely with U.S. Government and U.S. military teams to expedite acquisition through contract funding and procurement execution.

Phase 3
Contracting, Award and Deployment

Once the procurement process is complete, Velos will deploy the solutions, train your team and help you build a strong, self-sustaining cybersecurity capability.

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